Weekly Photo Challenge–Street Life


The New and The Old
The New and The Old

This old building is crumbling and in disrepair but has so much more beauty and character than its sleek, glassy newer neighbor.  The street life remaining for this beautiful building is probably very short.  Someone will likely soon knock it down to put up another sleek, glassy characterless tower.

Weekly Photo Challenge-Street Life

Author: MaryGwyn

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  1. The building was tired. It had been around for a long time and it had seen better days. The walls were achy and the windows dull but her heart was still beating and her mind was sharp and alert. There had been love within her walls, arguing, tears, laughter and celebrations. She had done her best to shelter those who were under her roof, in her care.

    She had been sparkling and beautiful once, young and admired for her form. Life was different then, all those years ago. People respected buildings and what went on in them. Now days, things are disposable. No one stays in one place long enough to fall in love with their space and the space has no time to get to know the people who spend time coming and gong.

    Still, she stood tall and bravely faced her future, her memories recorded in her very bricks. She had given her all, there was nothing left for her to give. No one saw her loveliness any longer. No one understood her shinning essence and innovative structure. She had enjoyed her time here and she knew that everything came to an end, eventually. With one last sigh, she looked toward the sky and smiled. She was ready to face whatever came next.

    1. That is so totally beautiful!!! It’s the story of this beautiful building’s heart! I wish I could buy her and restore her to her glory. There must be some great stories her walls can tell. You have put words to her story so she lives on for now.

      1. Sydney is renowned for that kind of barbarism. And we’re only a bit more than 200 years old.

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