About Mary Gwyn

About Mary Gwyn


Thanks for stopping by! I am in the process of rewriting my about me essay. While I put that together, please scroll down for more info. Don’t hesitate to contact me on the contacts page. I’d love to hear from you!

Call me Mary Gwyn. I go by two first names, Mary Gwyn or two initials, M.G.  I never go by Mary.  There are too many Marys in my family.  Itโ€™s confusing.  So, everyone is Mary Something.

Artist’s Bio

me at UF

Mary Gwyn Bowen is an artist, registered nurse and art instructor. In her art, she focuses on the beauty of Nature. Whether it is the flowers remembered from her grandmother’s gardens, wildflowers in our parks, the dynamic of a live event, the the striking color and energy of a sunset on water or the sweet intrigue of birds, Mary Gwyn finds a wealth of inspiration for her art all around our world. As a registered nurse, Mary Gwyn has researched artโ€™s role in healthcare. She has taught botanical style watercolor for a number of years and now, botanical style colored pencils and mixed media, as well.

Mary Gwyn obtained a degree in nursing from Excelsior College, Albany, NY and a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, D.C. She has a Master of Arts in Art Education from the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL and has attended the University of Florida’s Arts in Medicine(AIM) Intensive. She is a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA) and the National Art Education Association (NAEA).

She received the Cecil Wallace Fordham Award for the Visual Arts in Dallas, Texas. Mary Gwyn is a former fellow in the Evidence Based Nursing Practice Fellowship at Vanderbilt University Medical Center where she completed a research project using art in the cardiac rehabilitation process. She has presented a poster of the Art to Heart Research Project at Nursing Research Day at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, at the Tennessee Hospital Association’s annual conference, and to the University Hospital Consortium annual conference in Atlanta, GA. The Art to Heart Research Project was published in MEDSURG Nursing (Sept/Oct 2015), a journal of the Society of Medical Surgical Nurses. She Currently teaches painting workshops for adults at Watkins College of Art of Belmont University, Nashville, TN and a number of other Arts Councils, churches, Event Centers and museums. Her art has shown in festivals, galleries, and is in private collections.

A native Tennessean, originally from Dyersburg in West Tennessee, Mary Gwyn now makes her home in Jackson, TN.

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  1. Well how about that for fast service – I complained, then went back to check that it really didn’t work – and now it works fine. First class customer service – you ought to start an inbound market course!

  2. I love your blog, Mary. I see that you have recently gotten started with this blog. Please continue. You have marvelous talent, and it’s wonderful to share it with the world. ๐Ÿ™‚ Marsha ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. You are welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚
        I like your blog because I learn to appreciate art. Your posts are very informative and entertaining. Keep it up.

  3. Well if you aren’t the definition of lightworker then I don’t know who is… an honour to have discovered you and your radiant healing light… sweet and painterly dreams!

    1. Thanks so much Don! I am sorry to be so late in replying! I have been trying to find the time to reciprocate. Hopefully will do so soon. In the meantime, thank again!!

  4. Now look, Mary Gwyn – I think you should put some time in to trying to get some qualifications, OK? It’s all very well being well-intentioned, but qual.s are where it’s at. [GRIN!]

      1. I’m glad you asked! I happen to know of a WUNNERFUL university in … umm … where is it? – oh yes, in North Platte Nebraska … They can arrange a PhD for you in no time at all. And I can see that you need that kind of thang … How much? did you ask … I think if you have some green stamps you should be right …
        Heh heh …

      2. I am out of green stamps! Do you have any to spare? Surely, it couldn’t cost too much. 3 or 4 stamps at the most, wouldn’t you think? I have never been to North Platte. Do you suppose they will actually force me to visit or can they just mail it to me?

      3. You are beginning to give me the impression you don’t appreciate my advice. Humph. If I were you, with only 34,276 things in my c.v., I’d take ANY advice that was on offer.
        However, if I am mistaken and you would like to be accredited by North Platte U, I am perfectly sure they would mail you their certificate without bothering you with having to actually do anything.

      4. Oh I think your advice is great!! I would never have found out about North Platte U. I am very glad to hear they won’t force me to actually do anything. The others didn’t either. But school is so fun! Every decade I return for a little more. I am still deciding what I want to be when I grow up.

      5. Thought so.
        Well, glad to’ve been of such help. Just ask, any time.
        Hoo-roo from Downunder, you pore iggerant thang!

      6. All the best to you! It’s nice to meet you. I am looking forward to following more of your writings on your blog. Hey Ya’ll Downunder from the country music capital, Nashville.

  5. Hi MG! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and deciding to join me on my journey! It’s great to have you follow along! You have a fascinating background, I can only imagine how interesting your world must be! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks again for joining me in my quiet little world.

  6. Thank you for the following my blog.You have amazing paintings here.I love your website.Have a wonderful day,Krystyna

  7. Hello Mary Gwyn! What a great nurse! Thank you for helping me through my surgery. I didn’t know that you were an artist as well. But, I love your art. How can so much talent be so alive in one person?

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