Weekend Inspiration–Forging Van Gogh


Van Gogh’s energy, so evident in all his work, is not as easy to emulate as one might think.  Follow the Master Forger as he helps three artists try to capture Van Gogh’s energy in self portraits.  My first attempt at painting was a go at emulating Van Gogh.  While the emulation was not so successful, a love of the incredible energy of Van Gogh’s painting style sparked the passion to keep painting.

Author: MaryGwyn

Artist-Art Educator-Art in Healthcare

8 thoughts on “Weekend Inspiration–Forging Van Gogh”

  1. I am not sure I understand the lesson or what it teaches! For me I think we have Van Gogh so why teach another to be…makes no sense to me! But I do understand that for instance in music I learned many of the greatest Masters of music and thus able to liberate myself technically and inspire. So I am not sure what to think of this….. claudy

  2. You horrible woman, M-G !!! I’ve been sitting here watching this BLOODY video for the last 20 minutes, and there remain so many emails in my Inbox. It’s absolutely fascinating, not least because this bloke, this ex gaolbird master forger, is so powerful and rivettingly interesting – even to me who, as we all know by now, knows absolutely zilch about painting.
    Maybe that’s why it’s so fascinating ???
    I shall watch the rest later, damn you !!!

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