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Hi, I’m Mary Gwyn, artist, art educator, RN, passionate about painting, teaching Botanical-style Nature Art and lots of fun stuff about anything visual art. Art is a Life-long journey. Join me on the path.

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Not all distractions are bad! Some are frustrating. Some are too much fun to be mad at. Nothing you can do about distractions but move through them.

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Shining the Artistic Light

One of the most rewarding things about teaching art workshops is the wonder of how unique artistic talent is to each individual. I don’t teach workshops where everybody expects to paint the same thing and have them all come out looking like a row of cookie cutter canvases. The freedom for each artist to express…

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Flower of the Misplaced Month

One of the best things about May is the colorful outbursts of iris blooming every where you look around Tennessee. The bearded iris is the state flower so no self-respecting Tennessee garden can be found without at least one variety of iris gracing the mid to late spring garden. Though purple is most often associated…

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About Me

Hi, I’m Mary Gwyn, (2 first names!). I’ve been painting since I was 8 years old. Before reaching my dream of a professional art education, I took a few side paths first to nursing school, then into Medical Sales, and on to a small business owner with an herb shop before circling back to art school. Through all of those fun things, I never quit painting. Now I wander around taking photos of birds to paint from, digging in my flower garden, teaching lots of fun botanical-style art workshops and, of course, painting. Art is my passion! I love writing about all things art! Church is a big part of my life. When I’m not at church services and functions or with my wonderful circle of friends, I’m painting the beauty of God’s creation and sharing through writing and teaching lots of fun art stuff! Join me for the fun! I’d love to hear from you!

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