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Mary Gwyn is an artist who loves to paint flowers, birds, landscape and more. Her favorite medium is oil but she also loves watercolor, silverpoint, pastels and colored pencils. Mary Gwyn is passionate about color

Spoonbills at St. Marks Wildlife Refuge

Photography is also a favorite of Mary Gwyn’s. She loves photographing birds, flowers and occasionally people.

Mary Gwyn loves teaching Botanical-style watercolor and mixed media painting workshops and retreats. She teaches workshops for Colleges, Churches, Arts Councils, community organizations and a number of other places. Recently, Mary Gwyn began teaching weekend Workshop Retreats in places close to nature like state parks and other similar locations.

Latest from the blog:

The Golden Age of Botanical Art

The aim of seeking to recreate this type of botanical illustration is to give artists a technique that is effortless to pick up while looking like it has taken years and years of practice.

Frustrating Frustrations

All artists have those frustrating days when nothing seems to be working. Follow these simple ideas for breakthrough to making art fun again!

Developing Artistic Style

Developing your personal artistic style can be fun with a little dedication and experimentation.


The newest adventure in Mary Gwyn’s Art is painting live during worship in church and similar events. It has been a profound experience for her.

I love painting the beauty of nature!

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