Anticipating Joy

Hope! New Life! Survival! Beauty! Signs are pointing toward spring popping out all over. The Anticipation is overwhelming!

Soaring to the Extraordinary

Sometimes it becomes necessary to get out of the head and into the perseverance of trial and error of letting go, for art to lose the ordinary.

Streaming Mood

Changing color or texture in a painting can change the whole mood and feel of a painting.

The Art of Nature Immersion Weekend at Reelfoot Lake

The Art of Nature Immersion Weekend at Reelfoot Lake is a great opportunity to get away from it all and join other artists and nature lovers for a weekend filled with nature, food, fun and fellowship as we make art together in the midst of a beautiful Wildlife Refuge.


From over-thinking to rethinking a painting led to some life lessons as well.


Not all distractions are bad! Some are frustrating. Some are too much fun to be mad at. Nothing you can do about distractions but move through them.


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