Sunday Slideshow–Winter’s Blooms

Winter’s Blooms

These beautiful pansies bloom all winter here in Tennessee.  They usually survive through what little snow we get and show their heads again after the melt.  This year may test their hardy-ness as a record breaking cold spell is on the way today.  We’ll soon see if they make it.  Gardeners, all over the area, are out covering them up.  I hope they make it.  They are the only bit of color in an otherwise brown winter landscape.

Author: MaryGwyn

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow–Winter’s Blooms”

  1. My husband’s just planted two boxes of pansies, I love them. And your music reminded me of my ship-jet journey to Australia way back in 1972 – the ship played that music to announce meals were ready and I used to hum the tune all the time. My then partner was very musical while I was tone-deaf and it used to nark him no end that however many times he told me I was singing flat, I could never hear it. I continued singing nevertheless.

  2. I think pansies are the saving grace of winter. Everything else is wilted or gone and there the pansies, full of life and color. They endure a lot through the season. I’m anxious for March flowers and tulips to start blooming.

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