Workshops and Classes (archive)

Workshops and Classes

The Summer and Fall line up I’ll be teaching in Community Education at Watkins College of Art will be featuring some new additions.  Traditional Botanical Style Watercolor will continue with new workshops in Silverpoint Drawing, Colored Pencil, and Watercolor Ink. Expanding the possibilities!

Follow the link HERE to register!

Cheekwood Estate and Gardens, Nashville, TN

We’ll be painting Fall Leaves in Botanical Style in Liquid Watercolor on October, 9th from leaves we pick up in the beautiful surrounding grounds. For more information email:
To register, follow the link HERE.

The Ice House Gallery, Mayfield, KY

Coming up in August is Bird painting in oil when we will be painting a sweet little goldfinch. More workshops in Botanical Style painting to follow in the Fall. Follow the link for more information.
To register, follow the link HERE.

Art in Medicine Research Projects

Research is crucial to the incorporating of more art in the healthcare environment.  The Art to Heart Project was a two part research project at Vanderbilt University Medical Center with the second part including the University of Florida.  The Art to Heart Project studied the use of art on the rehabilitation of Post Operative Cardiovascular Surgery patients and was published in MED/SURG Nursing in the September/October 2015 edition. Part Two found the art had a secondary benefit on the staff of the unit where the art was displayed.

Some exciting new projects are on the way! Just for a hint: One involves comic books for patient education!  More will be coming on that as the project progresses.

Art to Heart: the effects of staff created art on the post-operative rehabilitation of cardiovascular patients

Art to Heart: the effects of staff created art on the nurses of two cardiovascular progressive care units

The University of Florida Capstone Project:

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