Weekly Photo Challenge:Perspective

Man vs Car--Who'll win?
Man vs Car–Who’ll win?

He’s in the middle of the street daring the car to hit him.  Onlookers stand watching to see who will win: the man or the car.  It could be bad!  Some had to turn their backs.  They couldn’t watch the man get squashed.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:Perspective

Street Crossing
Street Crossing

He’s just walking across the street in the cross walk eating an ice cream cone.  He has the crossing light.  The car is yielding to the crosswalk.  Oh, well.  It sure looked, there for a minute, like curtains for him.

Yes.  That’s the same crossing with the Dancing Girls.  Lots of things happening in that crosswalk!  Remind me to stay out of it.  Sooner or later there will be trouble!!