Weekend Inspiration–Turning Negative Into Positive

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“I don’t mind what the critics say.  The worst thing is to be ignored.”  Les Dawson (from Brainyquote)

Rare is the artist, writer, photographer, musician who doesn’t at some time receive negative criticism.  After getting past wishing for a VooDoo doll of the critic to stick pins into, try some of these very good suggestions from others who have been there.  Turning the negative into a positive can go a long way to not only restoring confidence but to neutralizing any painful feelings from the encounter.  There is no question that some people love to criticize for a multitude of reasons.  Reverse that negativity as fast as possible and turn it into a fresh green bud of new growth and freedom.  Ultimately, the opposite of the confines of criticism is the freedom of new birth.

Here are some great articles for turning the negative into the positive.

The Artists Network:


The Guardian:




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