The Birdies send greetings for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

First, Cathy and Calvin Cardinal flew in to say they are hoping every one will enjoy taking time out to think about loved ones in this Christmas season. They are grateful to have beautiful feathers to keep them warm and lots of berries and seeds to snack on for the winter. The Cardinals are wishing the same for every one here. May your Christmas be filled with snuggles and snow. May your branches be sturdy and strong to hold you up and give you a nice perch from which to sing. And may the New Year give something to sing about.

Then the Chickadees showed up! Not to be out done by the Cardinals, Cindy and Charley Chickadee came to chatter about all the hopeful blessings they are wishing for every one through Christmas and into New Years. The Chickadees are excited for all the things they have to chatter about and especially loved ones and snow. What could be better than hanging out in the trees with loved ones, watching the snow spread its peaceful white blanket over the forest? The Chickadees are hoping every one will have lots of beautiful things to chatter about in the coming year.

Henry and Harriet Hummingbird send their best from the Florida Keys. They have never understood what all the fuss is about with stockings hanging from the mantle over the fireplace. Henry, Harriet and all the little Hummers hang their stockings from the branches of a poinciana tree. They insist that Santa can easily fly his sleigh right to the top of the tree and slide down the trunk to where the stockings were so carefully hung among the beautiful flowers of bright orange and red. The Hummer family is wishing every one plenty of bright sunshiny days with lots of sweet smelling flowers in the coming year.

Finally, Billy and Betty Bluebird are just happy to see Christmas arrive. They are hoping the same for every one else. Billy and Betty have decided that they will not be singing the blues this Christmas or for the coming New Year. They will be singing a love song to each and every one filled with joy, hope and happiness. In the Bluebird house for 2021, they have decided to start each day in the New Year with a song of happy hearts. Billy and Betty are wishing every one will have days filled with plenty of rain to bring out an abundance of juicy worms to be plucked up and fed to lots of little mouths.

So from the Cardinals, Chickadees, Hummingbirds and Bluebirds, we wish every one a hope-filled Christmas with lots of joy for the coming New Year.

Author: MaryGwyn

Artist-Art Educator-Art in Healthcare

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