Tennessee Ice Storm

People like to tease us in Tennessee for shutting everything down for winter storms but we have enough sense not to drive on a solid sheet of ice no matter how hard we get teased.  Shutting everything down affords the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of a world of ice crystals.  We save gas not driving on ice and we spend time enjoying the magnificent sight of a landscape of glistening diamonds.  It won’t last long so we must enjoy it while we can.  The temperature will be back up this week end and the wonderful, magical crystal and diamond world will be gone.

Author: MaryGwyn

Artist-Art Educator-Art in Healthcare

13 thoughts on “Tennessee Ice Storm”

  1. That’s a real ice storm for sure. You’re lucky your temps will be up and it will be gone. It’s horrible in Chicago, temp wise. Thursday the high is going to be 1 degree. We all hate this vortex weather. Your video was beautiful. Thank you.

  2. How beautiful the ice that you’ve captured in this video. I love the way the ice mimics the shape of whatever it’s on rather than just freezing in a clump. Breathtaking.

  3. Lovely … video – I wish we had a bit more winter … but it’s gone and the snow drops are blooming. Second winter – not like Sweden at all. I want winter to be winter and spring to be spring. Poor nature.

  4. Our ice has ice on it! I don’t remember this much prolonged bitter cold. They are giving heavy rain and flooding this weekend now. Seems like the closer we get to spring, the worse the weather is getting.

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