Sunday Slideshow-Foggy Fall Morning on the Mountain

A beautiful mist shrouded this October morning on Monteagle Mountain in Southeast Tennessee. An eerie stillness covers the landscape where only the sounds of the dripping beads of moisture on the trees can be heard. Gradually, the mist burned off and a gorgeous bright sunny fall day appeared. Many thanks to Kris Morton of Four Winds Mission, Spring Hill, TN for organizing this week end time of refreshing, rebuilding and renewal for women.

10 responses to “Sunday Slideshow-Foggy Fall Morning on the Mountain”

  1. loved the spiderweb

    1. Thanks! It fell down right after I took the photo leaving the poor spider hanging by a thread. I think the weight of the water was too much.

      1. oh sad, after all that hard work

      2. It is. I’m glad I captured all the work before it fell.

  2. Ahh … I have been missing these gorgeous videos, Mary Gwyn ! And this is a particularly beautiful one. Thank you VERY MUCH !

    1. P.S. I compliment you for voting: if everyone would do so, Americans might really have a representative government.

      1. Yes. It’s sad how few vote.

    2. Thanks, M.R.! I haven’t been out and around with camera for awhile. I’ve been missing it!

  3. That’s really beautiful. I like the one with the drops coming off the leaves.

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