Falling Chips

Mini Pumpkin

“Beauty is whatever gives joy.” Hugh Nibley (from The Painter’s Keys)

Suppose your goal is to create “beautiful” art. The first thing you might set out to do is define, “beautiful.” Good luck with that! Volumes have been written about what is and isn’t beautiful. The subject was examined in a movie documentary starring Mathew Collings, titled “What is Beauty?”  The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy has a mind bogglingly in-depth article on the definition of Beauty. Even the dictionary has multiple definitions of beauty. What’s an artist to do?

The first step may be to go back to the beginning and take a look at why you create art in the first place. Was the original purpose to create something “beautiful” or something that will be enjoyed by others. There is a big difference. As the exact definition of beauty is likely near impossible to pin down, while giving pleasure to others is not. Therefore, a better goal might be to define how art gives pleasure to others and set out to pursue that direction.

Now that the goal is in mind to determine how to make pleasurable art, you take a look at what you have and discover one person finds pleasure in one style and another person prefers a different style. Uh Oh! What now?? You could just throw in the towel and give up. Or you could follow your own heart, create what you find pleasurable and let the chips fall where they may. Some of those chips just may fall on a few likeminded folks.

12 responses to “Falling Chips”

  1. Beautifully executed, I love this. Fantastic painting.

  2. Follow YOUR HEART. It will not ever lead you wrong. You will never be able to please all. Not possible. As long as YOUR Heart is happy, that is what counts! Love, Amy

    1. You are SO right, Amy!! Thanks so much!

      1. You are SO very welcome! What I just wrote here is going on Petals at some point in time, and it is YOU I have to thank! In interacting with you, the words came out and one of my little sayings was created. Bless you! Love, Amy

      2. That’s wonderful, Amy!! All the best to you! Love, MG

      3. I really HOPE you know how deeply grateful I am to you, MG!! I mean that! (((HUGS))) Amy

  3. … and that’s the truth, Mary Gwyn !!! I do like the new photo ! – what a nice face you have there. 🙂
    Better than the last face you had. [grin]
    SHUT UP M-R !!!
    I am delighted to see that you appear to be back to posting; and also that I continue to agree with your sentiments. Big hug.

    1. I have found the new place!! Revenge will be forthcoming! ( just kidding!) I can see that I had better be on my toes after my break! What a troublemaker you are, M.R.! I’ve missed your always enlightening commentary!!

  4. Glad to see your posts popping up again, Mary, and yes, create what comes from your heart and let the chips fall where they may. Any other way is being untrue to yourself.

  5. Yes indeed and your paintings giving us lots of joy! Beautiful!

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