Sunday Slideshow-Magnolias

The magnolias are blooming and the air is smelling sweet.

8 responses to “Sunday Slideshow-Magnolias”

  1. I love magnolias, too hot here for them, but when I was a teenager living in Sandwich, Kent, we lived in a house known as the “Candle Tree House” for the magnolias in the front garden. There was an evergreen with huge white flowers that smelled of lemon, and a deciduous magnolia with smaller, pink-tinged white flowers.

    1. Sounds lovely!! What wonderful name for a house.

  2. Delightful. The music goes very well.

    1. Thank you! Music choices are so limited on YouTube. It was hard to find a match for the elegance of magnolias.

  3. They smell sooooo wonderful.

    1. They do! It’s heavenly!

  4. Beautiful trees with beautiful blossoms. And such a sweet smell.

    1. I love the smell !!

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