Sunday Slideshow–Rose of Sharon

These Rose of Sharon blooms are from three trees given to me by my friend Sue.  They are sprouted from her trees, one white, one pink, one purple.  They are a variety of Hibiscus that is not tropical.

Author: MaryGwyn

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow–Rose of Sharon”

  1. My folks had these flowers all over our backyard when we were young. I never knew their name. Thanks for posting this. Reminds me of my mom. 🙂

  2. We used to get Rose of Sharon in Queensland, which is pretty much tropical. Love the colours of these, though. The ones we had in Qld used to come out white and fade to pink (or perhaps the other way around, I’m not the world’s best gardener!).

    1. These are not tropical but the other variety is. The tropical ones are the ones with the interesting color. Sounds like what you had. These attract lots of bees. I wonder if the others do?

  3. You know … somehow I always come back to the white one, when I see a variety of beautiful blooms. Like these – and how beautiful they are indeed, Mary-Gwyn Bowen ! I’ve never seen hibiscus like that before. I’d give my back teeth to have that white one with its dark ruby throat growing on my balcony.

    1. It is lovely, M-R. I’m like you about the white one. It has a red star in the center. Can you get this variety where you are? It is a colder weather hibiscus and is deciduous. Can they be shipped to Aussie land?

      1. Alas, no, M-G: we don’t allow any plants to be brought in, except under totally controlled circ.s – such as botanic gardens’ purchases, etc. It works for us, although it means we hoi polloi never lay hands on glorious things like this.

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