Weekly Photo Challenge-Spring


For Nashville, spring means out of town visitors.  Downtown is glad to see the weather bring in lots of visitors after the long cold winter.  People come on foot, by carriage, on bicycle and by car to the Strip on Lower Broadway and is Nashville ever happy to see them.  Locals also come out in the beautiful weather to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the Strip.  Spring brings life back to the Strip.

Weekly Photo Challenge-Spring

5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge-Spring”

  1. Nashville shopfronts don’t seem to dominate glorious buildings in the same way as they do in many English towns and cities.

  2. I love the horse there. Great capture.

  3. Terrific photo, M-G ! But … would you take a quick gink at my reblog today …? And not punch me in the nose, either ? Please ? 😉

    1. Can’t think why I’d be needing to do any punching?? I have not paid attention to the link to button though. Is this a big hint?

      1. Um. Yes. [M-R ducks and weaves her way out of sight]

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