Weekly Photo Challenge-Letter


Portugese Prayer of the Woods on a sign in the woods of East Tennessee.  I am not sure of the origins of this prayer as I have never seen it before I saw this sign.  It’s a wonderful prayer!

Weekly Photo Challenge-Letters

7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge-Letter”

  1. Brilliant. Should be engraved on people’s hearts!

  2. this is magical!

    1. I loved it when I saw it!!

  3. But is it a prayer …? Not just a wonderful series of images by way of begging people not to harm the wood(s), for all those things are what it is …?
    It is certainly absolutely lovely, M-G !!!

  4. I’m Portuguese and I never heard of this! 😀 Still, it’s a beautiful text!

    1. I thought that might be the case. I had never heard it either so don’t know how it came to be called “Portuguese” but I loved it! It is beautiful. I would love to know who wrote it.

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