Sunday Slideshow-Remembering the Zinnias

This is a replay of one of my favorite slideshows.  I love zinnias.  They always cheer me up!  The music is Harmony of the Angels by Burgmuller.  The pianist is the fabulous Jeremiah Jones.  For more beautiful classical piano music from Jeremiah Jones go to the website:

6 responses to “Sunday Slideshow-Remembering the Zinnias”

  1. I have a great fondness for zinnias as i managed to grow them in my little gardening patch in my father’s garden as a kid – one of the few flowers I’ve managed not to kill off, so I have great respect for their staying power!

    1. They do have amazing staying power!!

  2. Are these YOUR zinnias, M-G ? I’ve never seen such variety ! We had a bed of them at home when I was a kid; but they seem, in my memory, to have been red and orange and yellow, and that was it. In fact, I’m not even sure about the yellow … These are simply gorgeous !

    1. Yes! I had them all across the back yard. I get lots of direct sunlight. Someone gave me a large box of mixed seeds. There were so many different varieties.

      1. Well, dang my hide (as I understand you lot to say) ! They are just … breathtaking !

      2. Dang my hide! They were!

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