Drop the Plod



“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” (Andre Gide)

There is nothing scarier than an endless horizon line. Bobbing around in a sea with nothing in sight. Is it worth it to take off for new lands if the possibility of floating for long periods of time without seeing progress is directly ahead? It would be so easy to fly off the rails into crazy land. But what is the alternative? Staying stuck in the old safe place?

The old safe place is so boring. Plodding along from day to day, doing the same old thing, seeing the same old places, and on and on. Plodding along sounds the same as bobbing around in an endless sea? It’s not. The difference is the sea will eventually lead somewhere. That somewhere may be unknown. It may be exotic. It may be equally boring. It’s impossible to know until the actual arrival.

Setting out toward the broad horizon takes a strong measure of courage. The idea of new discoveries so is exciting if it wasn’t for that journey across the endless sea. That little journey thingy means letting go of the sight of the shore. It means letting go of the comfortable day-to-day plod. It means letting go.

Drop the plod. New discoveries are calling. Time to go for it.


Author: MaryGwyn

Artist-Art Educator-Art in Healthcare

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