Weekly Photo Challenge-Threshold


The Hummock at Cross Creek
The Hummock at Cross Creek

The Threshold to the Hummock, enter at your own risk.  Weekly Photo Challenge-Threshold

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings wrote The Yearling and other books at her home in an orange grove in Cross Creek, Florida.  In her book and movieCross Creek, she talked about how quickly the undergrowth of the hummock could rise up and overtake the orange groves.  This is the hummock behind her home now and it has overtaken the orange grove and reclaimed it.  Her home is maintained by the state of Florida as a state park but the swamp hummock owns the grove.  So much of the book is alive and well in the carefully maintained home and is a treat to visit.  Just don’t step off the grounds into the hummock!

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    1. Thanks so much!!

  1. You’re always impressing me with your paintings. That at the top, has to be my favorite.

    1. Do you mean the banner? Thanks!!

      1. I meant the Hummock one. Is that yours?

      2. Yes! Thanks!

      3. Yeah, really love the forest look.

      4. Thanks! Its a photo though not a painting. Do you think it would make a good painting?

      5. Oh…silly me. Yes, I do! And I know you’d do an excellent job.

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  3. Amazing, wonderful colors:)

    1. Thanks!! I think sun was just at the right angle.

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