Sunday Slideshow–Bradford Pear Blooms

The Bradford Pear trees reached their blooming peak this week.  These shots were taken shortly before rain caused the petals to shower down like snow.  Now the green leaves are appearing.  I don’t know why they are called pear trees since they do not produce pears.  They produce little berry-like things. Still they are beautiful trees with dark red fall foliage and a symmetrical shape.  People tend to plant Bradford Pears in abundance around this part of Tennessee.  They grow fast and always look nice with almost no pruning.  If anyone knows why they are called pear trees, I’d love to know.

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  1. I’ve taken some pictures of my Bradford pear trees as well as my Japanese Cherry trees. It’s almost sad that the blooms only last in full force for a week or two… the Cherry tress are really only a few days… <3 this!

    1. I’m sad to see them go too! I wish they bloomed all summer but then we might lose the sense of awe when the blooms arrive. I love the cherries and the Bradford’s! Thanks!

      1. Absolutely!

  2. Well … they ARE a genus of the pear tree, M-G – they’re simply an ornamental version. You know, like ornamental grapevines ? And they sure are lovely …!

    1. Thanks, M.R!! So that’s where the name comes from! They are popular around here as an ornamental tree!

      1. Apparently like some of our gumtrees, though – a tendency to shed branches in high winds …

      2. Yes and the roots can become quite pervasive.

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