Slapping the Storm


“To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”  William Shakespeare (Hamlet)

Sometimes the force of changing directions jumps up and plants a big ole slap across the face.  After the stinging subsides a bit, a little need to check on the “true to self” state of things is in order.  If the directional changing slap stirs up some major dust then the only possible answer is to sit out the storm.  The eye of the storm is the perfect place for a reexamination of the current situation.  There is no way to see which way the wind is blowing when caught up in the center of the whirling.

With no avenue of escape visible, the only other option is to contemplate a new direction.  The process could be painful.  Storms are known for that.  But there is always something to be gained by hanging on to see where the storm is heading.  After all, Dorothy wound up off to see a Wizard on the Yellow Brick Road when the storm died.  The difficulty is in finding the reason for the storm.  It usually involves the willingness to change.

While caught up in the storm, some serious time spent “true-ing to self “ will likely bring the needed opening of escape.  The storm can bring on a wonderful new insight.  When you can’t see out through a storm the only other place to look is inside.  That is where the power to stop a storm is found.  Once the power is in hand the storm can be slapped back down again.  After the dust settles, the new direction appears.  And who doesn’t enjoy the chance to slap a storm down.  Maybe that storm wasn’t really as bad as it first appeared.  It might even be possible to like that whole storm thing.  The outcome just may be worth it.

Art in Healthcare–Dance and the Hip Op-eration Crew

Check out the video link (here) on how this amazing group from New Zealand made the trip to Las Vegas for the International Hip Hop Dance Competition.

Dancing is valuable for seniors and others with mobility issues.  This group of seniors took that advice seriously and formed their own Hip Hop dance group. Nothing is slowing this group down.  Dance is growing as a way of promoting healthy safe moving in the healthcare environment.  And one thing is very clear: dancing is fun!  What could be more motivating?

Dance movement is proving to be a valuable tool for people with Parkinson’s disease.  The Dance for PD organization is growing nationwide.  The research is showing the process of dancing can change the way people with Parkinson’s are able to move.  The Brooklyn Parkinson Group joined the Mark Morris Dance Group to develop dance moves directed toward specific mobility issues for people with Parkinson’s.  Dance for PD and the Morris dance Group have workshops, seminars and more to help other groups get on board.

Dance in Healthcare, like Art in Healthcare, should not be confused with Dance Therapy.  For more on the difference between Art Therapy and Artists in Healthcare see a previous post (here).  Columbia College of Chicago has a description on the Graduate blog, Marginalia.  Dance Therapists, like Art Therapists, are equipped to deal with emotional issues, as well as dance.  Follow the link to the website for more information.

Dance is another way artists are helping people live more fulfilling lives.  Judging by the Hip Op-eration Crew, they are having a blast.  Even those of us with two left feet may be able to join this happy crowd.  So get your dancing shoes out and start dancing for the health of it.

Sunday Slideshow–Winter Trees

Winter Trees

The bare limbs of the trees twist and turn as they spiral toward a blue winter sky.  The blue sky defies the bitter cold on a cold blustery day.  These trees are on the grounds of the Ellington Agricultural Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Weekend Inspiration–Turning Negative Into Positive

Screen shot 2014-03-01 at 9.12.11 AM

“I don’t mind what the critics say.  The worst thing is to be ignored.”  Les Dawson (from Brainyquote)

Rare is the artist, writer, photographer, musician who doesn’t at some time receive negative criticism.  After getting past wishing for a VooDoo doll of the critic to stick pins into, try some of these very good suggestions from others who have been there.  Turning the negative into a positive can go a long way to not only restoring confidence but to neutralizing any painful feelings from the encounter.  There is no question that some people love to criticize for a multitude of reasons.  Reverse that negativity as fast as possible and turn it into a fresh green bud of new growth and freedom.  Ultimately, the opposite of the confines of criticism is the freedom of new birth.

Here are some great articles for turning the negative into the positive.

The Artists Network:

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