Weekend Inspiration–The Power of Rejection

If you have ever been rejected from an art gallery, show etc., publisher, speaking engagement, whatever… after the initial stages of anger, sadness, resignation, its time to get back on the horse and ride.  Isn’t it great, all these people in this video got back on the horse?  Rejection can be a motivating force.  Taking the “I’ll show you!!” attitude can really get the juices flowing.  Makes you almost want to say, “Go ahead. Reject my work.  I dare you!”

4 responses to “Weekend Inspiration–The Power of Rejection”

  1. Absolutely loved this! Thanks for posting. Sometimes it’s so hard to take the criticism and failures, but it’s most needed, I think. And in some cases, it’s just wrong!

    1. Criticism is never easy but you are right. Deciding when its wrong is very difficult!

  2. The rejections educated me and my stuff got much better and I would not have otherwise evolved. Don’t get anymore now as just self publish.

    1. That’s the thing! To learn from them and move on. More and more, self publishing is the way to!

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