Art in Healthcare–UB Center for the Arts

The University of Buffalo has a program taking the arts to the patients of the hospital.  Painting, dance, music are brought to the patients.  See what a difference art can make in the video.  Art truly can transform lives.  The University of Florida’s AIM group encouraged and supported UB as their program began.  Art in Healthcare keeps growing!

9 responses to “Art in Healthcare–UB Center for the Arts”

  1. So true! Can’t tell you how many times the professor could release all anxiety through playing his guitar!

    1. Oh! The professor has hidden talent! Do the Punchies know about the guitar?

      1. Oh dear! 🙂 Naw! I keep it a secret.

  2. Oh yes! I was an art instructor on a hospital psychiatric floor for a time and it was a joyful experience for nearly all participants, including me.

    1. Its amazing how healing art can be!

  3. And long may it do so !!!

  4. I have had personal and professional experience with the magnitude of art ad a healing presence. I can’t believe how many people think they aren’t creative, to later realize EVERYONE is creative. To be alive means to be creative. It is so often just about realizing your medium.

    1. That’s so true!!

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