Weekend Inspiration–Zentangle

Doodling for meditation and relaxation is becoming popular as way to release the stresses of the day.  And its fun!  Everybody likes to doodle in some way even if its just scribbles.  The Zentangle craze is about using doodling as a form of meditation.  Just watching the video is enough to bring on some relaxation.  If you’d like to give it a try and don’t know how to get started, the video below is simple and easy to follow.  Go ahead!  Jump in if you haven’t already.

14 responses to “Weekend Inspiration–Zentangle”

  1. Great video. Loved watching it take shape:) So much fun.

    1. It was fun! I think I will be doing some doodling in the near future!

  2. How do you have the patience to do that?

    1. I don’t very often! I think that’s the point of Zentangle. To get people to slow down, but its tough to do when you’re on the go all the time!

  3. But I can only like it from an admiring point of view: if I tried that, it’d end up looking like much worse than a dog’s breakfast … possibly like the dog’s breakfast from yesterday. 🙁

    1. That’s scary!!

  4. I love it! Will have to try.

    1. It’s so much fun!

  5. I’m learning this ‘yoga for the mind’ and am really enjoying it. Thanks so much for this wonderful inspiration! Cheers, Gina

    1. Thanks, Gina! I forget to “exercise the mind!” It takes something like this to remind me.

  6. […] been seeing quite a few of the newfangled Zentangles on the Internet lately.  It seems that doodling is becoming quite popular.  Nobody warned me that it was addictive.  I didn’t do much […]

    1. It is addictive!

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