23 thoughts on “Stolen painting: alert for illustrators and artists”

    1. I think exposing it whenever possible is important but this incident taught me a valuable lesson. Watermarks should not be placed in an obscure corner. Watermarks should be front and center. This artist’s watermark was cut off because it was in a corner. Thanks, M. R.! Best wishes, MG

  1. There is really not much one can do for having art stolen, reproduced, sold from internet unless there are many thousands of dollars in measurable loss despite copywrite. If someone was using my cartoons in Asia I’d never find out anyway. One compensation is to expose the theft and thief on as much social media as possible so the thief gets some outrage and contempt. Many people have asked to repost my cartoons or use them in a production of theirs and I freely grant free reprint permission just credit and impressed that they asked. I find this general respect widespread on WordPress.

  2. A sincere if larcenous flattery! The U.S. Federal Reserve seems to have a similar issue with $100 notes …

    Computers seem to have knocked not only counterfeiting, but dopyrights of all sorts into a tailspin. Seems likely to be worse before it’s sorted out, too. A part of the price we’re paying for computers …

  3. It is a sorry state when untalented people have to plagiarize the works of others and claim it as their very own. It is a good thing that you are voicing the matter in a public arena. Have you ever visited the following site and placed its seal at the top of your blog? (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/ It offers a semblance of hope for those bloggers who have been knowingly victimized by fellow bloggers.

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