Sunday Slideshow–Lily pads of Reelfoot

Lily pads of Reelfoot

Most of my art focuses on Reelfoot Lake in Northwest Tennessee, a unique lake formed by the New Madrid (Missouri) Earthquakes of 1811-1812.  The New Madrid quakes are still the largest earthquakes to ever hit the United States mainland.  For more on Reelfoot, go here and here.  For more on the New Madrid earthquakes go here.

9 responses to “Sunday Slideshow–Lily pads of Reelfoot”

  1. Super nice indeed! Both nature and you……

    1. Thanks so much, Claudy!

  2. Truly beautiful. Just a wonderful video…so peaceful, calming and lovely. Thank you so much. I love the bird standing on the lily pad…so very, very sweet.

    1. Thanks! Reelfoot is a beautiful place. I thought the bird looked like he was going for a ride!

  3. Those were powerful quakes! Nearly split the continent in half, changed the course of the Mississippi. Sorry, love Geology~

    1. Thanks!! It’s great to hear from someone who knows the story. It is so little known, it amazes me. The quake buckled sidewalks in Washington, D.C. and rang bells in Boston yet few people know much, if anything about it.

      1. Anthro Major, Geology Minor!

      2. That’s great! I struggled through one semester of geology.

  4. BTW We nearly had our own Rift Valley here. Many think that they were over 10 on the scale. Have been in 2 in Ca. that were nearly 7 and they scared the …. out of me! Can only imagine a 10!

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