Weekend Inspiration–The Geometry of Art

Is there a numeric formula to art, conscious or unconscious?  Possibly.  Having never thought much about this idea, I am going back to look at paintings to see if I do it unconsciously.  As I operate mainly in the right brain and don’t think much about left brain activity like numbers or numeric formulas, I would have to have done it unconsciously! It will be interesting to see if it happened accidentally.  I would love to know if others find this happening in their art, consciously or unconsciously.

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13 thoughts on “Weekend Inspiration–The Geometry of Art”

  1. All I know is that your artwork is fantastic! That’s conscious or not! But obviously you must be conscious to paint and working all these other ideas and thoughts into a piece you have done seems another concept making you very conceptual! A dah! This lesson seems a lot of work and time. To be honest the paintings he showed looked pretty much centered to me and balanced. I rather you put a brush in your hand and paint. That’s just for the future generations that will be grateful like I am for your efforts. You’re such a good artist. Unusually so…… Thanks again for making me consider something that has never crossed my mind…..

  2. Rockwell’s “After the Prom” follows an amazingly elegant grid of 45-degree angles and horizontal lines to compose the scene within an architectural grid. Very pleasing to the eye, but completely unconscious to the viewer.

  3. Hello! I just watched a video last week about this. How it is all about formulas… let me see if I can find it. It was explained by a young student (I think it was a school project). Very interesting!

      1. Maybe! I want to watch it again also. Maybe it will answer some questions about interior design too. Where to place paintings etc. so that everything looks harmonious.

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