Weekend Inspiration–The Geometry of Art

Is there a numeric formula to art, conscious or unconscious?  Possibly.  Having never thought much about this idea, I am going back to look at paintings to see if I do it unconsciously.  As I operate mainly in the right brain and don’t think much about left brain activity like numbers or numeric formulas, I would have to have done it unconsciously! It will be interesting to see if it happened accidentally.  I would love to know if others find this happening in their art, consciously or unconsciously.

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  1. All I know is that your artwork is fantastic! That’s conscious or not! But obviously you must be conscious to paint and working all these other ideas and thoughts into a piece you have done seems another concept making you very conceptual! A dah! This lesson seems a lot of work and time. To be honest the paintings he showed looked pretty much centered to me and balanced. I rather you put a brush in your hand and paint. That’s just for the future generations that will be grateful like I am for your efforts. You’re such a good artist. Unusually so…… Thanks again for making me consider something that has never crossed my mind…..

    1. Thanks so much!!!

  2. Rockwell’s “After the Prom” follows an amazingly elegant grid of 45-degree angles and horizontal lines to compose the scene within an architectural grid. Very pleasing to the eye, but completely unconscious to the viewer.

  3. Hello! I just watched a video last week about this. How it is all about formulas… let me see if I can find it. It was explained by a young student (I think it was a school project). Very interesting!

    1. Wonderful video!!! Thanks! My brain does not compute numbers, at least to my conscious mind. I’m wondering if it does on an unconscious level? This video makes me wonder!!

      1. Maybe! I want to watch it again also. Maybe it will answer some questions about interior design too. Where to place paintings etc. so that everything looks harmonious.

      2. I think there is a lot of truth that makes sense in it. I just wish my brain took in math better!!

      3. 🙂 maybe your brain tells you to do the right thing without you noticing it!

      4. I hope so!!! That’s encouraging!

  4. […] blog Pearlspotting.wordpress.com sent me this link in response to a post about the geometry of art, (here).  Numbers keep coming up in art.  Another post of mine on this subject was The Magic of Three on […]

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