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“Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.” Marc Chagall (from Skinnyartist)

Are you creating what you love or what you think will sell? It’s a question for artists to consider. Maybe you have become successful creating in a commercially viable way. That’s great but do you love it? Do you have to love what you are creating? Does your success depend on you loving what you are creating?

The questions can only be answered on a personal level and only the artist knows the answers. If being successful is the sole object, perhaps love does not enter into the equation. It’s hard to believe that artists who create strictly for commercial success can maintain the drive for the long haul. Eventually ideas dry up and novelty wears off. If the heart was not in it in the first place there is no inner direction to search. News ideas will have to come from outside sources.

Creating for love has a wellspring that never dries up. It may seem to dry up at times but its just resting. A little stimulation and it pops back up again. Loving creating makes for deep satisfaction. Some may gain a measure of satisfaction in commercial success without the engagement of the heart. However, without love art is meaningless. That is sad and ultimately will show in the work. Art from the heart never leaves. So do it for love. The heart will appreciate it.

Author: MaryGwyn

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  1. The professor thinks art should always be done out of love. That will end up being the artists best masterpiece, I think. And the money will follow–if you’re doing (or painting) what you love.

  2. I create the art I love and it doesn’t matter if no-one else likes it – I have to create what appears in my head and heart. I reckon once you create for others, you lose your inner fire because you’re being untrue to yourself. Artistic integrity is creating what you’re meant to create not what you think others might like.

  3. I Look around My House And See Stacks And Stacks Of Paintings All Over The Place! Why? Certainly Not To Sell. But Enjoyed Your Thought Posed…..Your Work Is Beautiful And Most Probably Valued…..Love It Or Leave It…… claudy

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