Envisioning Leadership

“Leaders establish the vision for the future and set the strategy for getting there,” John P. Kotter (The Painter’s Keys)

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Where is the next great art movement?  Are artists today struggling through a crisis of ideas or is it art in general?  Are artists mimicking other artists or variations of other movements?  Is painting dead, replaced by the computer generation?  Or perhaps the answer is something entirely different

There are artists who are doing new and exciting things yet are not getting traction in a wider market.  The answer may be less a question for artists as one for the general public.  The lack of interest in original art is widespread and likely more indicative of societal issues than artistic ones.
The blog, Art Moscow, asks, “Where are all the geniuses?”  I am not convinced it is geniuses we need.  They are out there.  The issue, to me, seems to be a lack of leadership.   There are no driving forces in art today, no cohesion.  What is lacking is an Alfred Stieglitz to organize and promote the latest art, someone who can bring together the geniuses and show them to the world.  Rather than artistic geniuses, it is promotional and leadership geniuses that are needed.

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  1. Yes, a good point. But how many of the ‘geniuses’ of the past died destitute and unknown – Van Gogh comes to mind. Like writing or music, it really helps an artist to become famous if they’re dead.
    Perhaps this is the problem.

    1. Thanks for the comment! But even Van Gogh had has brother Theo to do the promoting after he was gone.

      1. Well – his brother died soon after Vincent – but Theo’s wife Joanna was a marketing genius. Still, it does seem that the biggest barrier to fame and fortune in the world of the arts is being alive. – I’m happy to wait for it.
        PS – If you’re interested I found this very interesting when I was researching Vincent some months ago.

      2. Thanks! Great info!

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